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Zabiha Halal

Zabiha is the Arabic term used to indicated slaughtered.  Zabiha Halal means that an animal that is permissible to eat according to the Quran and verified sayings of the prophet, and is slaughtered based on the same literature.   Today, the zabiha label indicates that the animal was slaughtered by hand and not been rendered unconcous before being slaughtered.


Slaughterhouses are given the halal certification if their facility is free of any pork or pork related products, only halal animals are slaughtered in the facility, and the phrase “bismillah” is recited in the slaughterhouse during the process.   Slaughterhouses that shackle and process the animals in mass production lines, and use a tape recording at the killing knife are considered Halal.  

Non halal 

Slaughterhouses that don’t follow Halal guidelines, even in Christian dominated countries, lead to slaughter methods that make the meat haram, or not allowed,  in Islam.   

1.   Animals are made unconscious with shots to the head, through gas tanks, and by using electric shock.  

2.  Thousands of animals are processed in a short time, making it impossible to be sure none of the animals were accidentally killed before they were slaughtered by a machine. 

3.  There are often no rules or requirements to drain the blood fully from an animal. 

4. Chicken is electrocuted through a water bath or by using an electric knife. 

5.  Larger birds are often placed in a gas tank before they are slaughtered. 

6. Lamb, goat, and especially beef are given either an electric bolt to the head, or are shot with a rifle before the knife is used to cut their throats



Our meat


American Halal Meat is the only a wholesale halal meat distributor that deals exclusively in halal meats in the DC, Baltimore, and Richmond metropolitan areas.  Since 1989 we have served the Muslim community with halal meat they can trust and set the standard for halal slaughter in the community.

Our goal is to make it easy for customers to access halal meat that is clearly 100% halal with no question.  As the Muslim population grows, we aim to systemize the process of labeling to distribute halal product that our customers can be sure fall under accepted Islamic guidelines of humane, sanitary slaughter.

Halal rearing of animals

    • The animal has a clean place to live.
    • Housing structures are maintained and well built.
    • Food is provided in containers regularly sanitized and maintained.
    • The animal has enough room to move around in the area they live.
    • The animal is not hit, tortured, or dismembered at all.
    • The animal is treated during illness until it either dies on its own (and is then condemned and not slaughtered) or is healthy enough for slaughter.
    • The animal is given a clean vegetarian diet, with no animal byproducts or harmful chemicals added.

Halal transport

    • They must be transported in spacious, clean, and safe trailers.
    • They must be well fed and watered once they arrive at the slaughterhouse.  Slaughter cannot occur while the animal is still recovering from transport.
    • Handlers may not beat, hit, kick, or harm or stress the animal in anyway during transport.

Halal Slaughter

    • Slaughter men must use an exceptionally sharp knife that is not made from bones or claws.
    • Animal may not see any other slaughter before its own.
    • Hoisting can only occur after the animal has lost consciousness.
    • Animal must walk to the killing floor at its own free will.  It may not be dragged, pressed or squeezed.  Slaughterhouses must maintain the animal’s low stress levels until the moment of the cut.
    • The knife must cut the skin, esophagus, trachea, jugular veins, and  two arteries, without cutting the spinal cord.
    • The cut must be done across the neck, vertically so that it cuts all of the above.

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