While 60-75% of the world’s population prefers goat meat, it is one of the least consumed meats in the US.  That means your fresh goat is always hormone free, and raised on a pasture that allows it to graze and roam. Our goat is sourced from farms around the country and slaughtered at Lebanese Butcher Slaughterhouse in Warrenton Virginia. Imported goat comes from Australia, where the animals are caught in the wild and hand slaughtered according to Sharia guidelines.  

GOAT cuts

Fresh Regular Goat

Local hand slaughtered regular goat is any goat that is 6 months or older when slaughtered. After skin and organs, except for the liver, are removed, it weighs 20 to 75lb.

Fresh baby goat

Local hand slaughtered goat younger than 6 months old at the time of slaughter.  Their  meat tends to be more pink than red.  After removing the skin and organs, except for the liver, it can weigh 12-50lb.

Goat Cubes

Hand-cut regular goat is cubed into 1.5 inch boneless cubes. The cubes come in boxes with 2lb packs, frozen, from Australia. 

Goat feet smoked

The hoof and bottom part of the goat feet.  This piece has little bit of meat and skin on it, and is used for soups and different curries.   

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