Lamb is a distinct favorite with Middle Easter, African, South American, and North American cuisine.  It’s popularity stems in many traditions based around a cut of lamb.  All the lamb that American Halal Meat sells is hormone free and veggie fed. Our domestic, fresh lamb is sourced from farms around the country and handslaughtered at Lebanese Butcher Slaughterhouse in Warrenton Virginia  Imported lamb comes from New Zealand and Australia.

lamb cuts

Fresh whole lamb

Local hand slaughtered lamb is priced based on its weight after the skin and all organs are removed except the liver: small lamb is 0-40lb, medium lamb is 41-55lb and large lamb is 56lb or more.

Long Cut Lamb Leg

Hand slaughtered from Australia, the least cleaned but most versatile cut of lamb leg. At about 7lb the cut begins from after the loin down to the end of the lamb leg, with the foot removed. This cut can be trimmed down for extra bone to make soups and a shank. The major part of the leg is then used as a main dish.

Short Cut Lamb Leg

Hand slaughtered from New Zealand, this popular 4lb lamb leg is an easy to use piece. Simply spice and roast for a couple hours and you have a wonderful centerpiece for your family meal. 

Lamb Shoulder

This is the front lamb leg and is a very hardworking muscle, and so does well as a slow roast or barbecue. Hand slaughtered in New Zealand or Australia; the front lamb leg is a hardworking part of the lamb. This cut is full of flavor, and the 4-6lb piece does well roasted or barbequed.

Lamb shank

Hand slaughtered from Australia or New Zealand this piece is taken from the bottom part of the front (fore shank) or back (hind shank) leg. Each piece weighs between 0.5-0.75lb and is about 6 inches long. 

French Racks

Hand slaughtered in New Zealand, these are 8 rib bones, cut at the spine. The ends of the rib bones are completely cleaned of fat.  The pack comes with a double rack (16 bones that can be cooked whole or sliced for single serve meals. 

Shoulder Racks

Hand slaughtered in New Zealand or Australia, these chops come from the six rib bones found at the shoulder of the animal.  The piece is not cleaned and has meat and marbled fat around it’s entirety. 

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