Our Story

Dr. Omar Wali is a trained veterinary physician that has dedicated his life to ensure Muslims in the DC metropolitan area have access to halal meat that really is halal.  His experience with slaughterhouses started with the inspection of national slaughterhouses in Egypt. He then moved to the private import inspection company Comibasal. He traveled to Europe and South America to inspect and certify halal slaughter processes.  In the eight years he was with Comibasal he saw first-hand the impact even the smallest detail had on the price, and quality, of our food.

When Dr. Wali moved to the United States he realized quickly that no halal slaughterhouses existed in the area.  In his first six months in the DC Metro area, he ate only seafood.  From this need was born the idea of American Halal Meat. He started with just two customers, and now American Halal Meat serves over 200 businesses in the area.