Our Team

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is reported to have said: “Your employees are your brothers upon whom Allah has given you authority, so if a Muslim has another person under his control, he/she should feed them with the like of what one eats and clothe them with the like of what one wears and you should not overburden them with what they cannot bear and if you do so, help them in their jobs.”  

Our Staff 

Dr. Omar Wali

President and founder

Dr. Wali is the father of the vision and mission of American Halal Meat.  He has built his reputation in the community on honesty and mutual respect.  His leadership is inspired by the Islamic principles of business, which has guided us without fail for more than 30 years.

Sarah Wali

Vice President of Sales

Sarah is responsible for ensuring our customers are satisfied, with the quality and delivery of their meat.  She ensures the community makes well-informed decisions on what to buy for their restaurants and stores, and manages the logistics behind the deliveries to them. 

Ayah Wali

Vice President of Procurement

Ayah makes sure we keep a solid and honest relationship with suppliers and vendors.  Her goal is to ensure that everything purchased is 100% halal.  She keeps in contact with both our suppliers and certifiers to ensure every pound in our warehouse is up to our halal standard.

Waleed Hamra

General Manger

Waleed is responsible for customer satisfaction, and product integrity. He can assist you in four languages, and is responsible for warehouse safety during the pandemic. His experience in logistics and halal meat make him an integral part of our team. 

Hicham Saber

Delivery Manager

No one knows our delivery routes like Hicham.  With over 12 years of experience with American Halal Meat, Hicham makes sure all our drivers take the fastest, most reliable routes to get your product to you.

Mohammed Geunnioui

Fleet Manager

It takes a fleet of trucks to get the freshest meat with the highest quality out to our customers.  Mohammed takes care of our trucks to ensure we can make ensure our deliveries are safe and reliable.

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